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Important note

In this section, answers are provided over phone or email. Prescriptions are not written. For prescriptions and treatment, click above menu button.

Consultation Form FAQs

Patients can complete their entire consultation as a guest without signing up. However, at the end of your consultation you will be asked if you want to create an account for future needs. This is optional.
All data provided on is encrypted. Also, your consultation is confidential. Information is never shared with third parties.
Your consultation fee is a flat up-front cost. However, you may use your insurance to cover your prescription 0r lab cost.
Yes we do, the duration depends on the diagnoses or the nature of illness. We follow treatment guidelines for isolation to prevent the spread of a contagious disease, or the amount of rest needed for recovery. You can request the sick note at the end of the consultation form or email a request. Upon request, It will be emailed to you.
At DoctorAlexa, patient satisfaction is very important to us. Please email us at with any concerns or call 4694986868. You may also go to reputable websites like webmd and for medical information.