Easily Order General and STD Lab Tests at Home Online

Stay Happy and Healthy

We know you want answers and our wide range of tests from wellness to STD testing are created for this purpose. Conveniently browse online and select lab test.

Stay Happy and Healthy

We know you want answers and our wide range of tests from wellness to STD testing are created for this purpose. Conveniently browse online and select lab test.

How It Works

1. Select your test(s)

Select one or multiple desired tests and simply complete the necessary documentation from your laptop or smart device

2. Blood draw

Schedule a visit at your nearby lab to get your blood drawn. To cover the cost of laboratory services both insurance and self-pay options are accepted

3. Result and Review

View your results securely by logging into your account. Our providers will be available to schedule a Lab review and treatment if required.

Lab test

You can select multiple Lab Tests by clicking multiple checkbox.

STD and Urinalysis Tests (Self Pay)

General Lab Test (Self Pay)

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Discover how easy it is to get labs done with DoctorAlexa.

We provide a convenient and affordable online platform designed for patients to consult medical doctors. Your healthcare services are at your fingertips, you have online access anytime, anywhere from a mobile device or personal computer. No Appointment or insurance needed. Doctor Alexa's lab test consultation services make the whole process as simple and low cost as possible. No need to spend hundreds of dollars visiting the doctors office to order tests. Our  medical professionals are well versed in ordering tests and prevents awkward visits to the doctors office, especially with STDs. Then, we review and put in the order to a lab near you. 

What happens after I order the test?

After ordering the lab test, our staff will make the necessary arrangements with the laboratory. Then, we work with you to schedule a visit to a lab near you. All you need is to go to the lab and a technician collects samples. If you ordered the lab by self paying with us, you do not need to make any further payment at location. If you are using insurance, you will need to contact your insurance company for payment arrangements.

How do I get my test results?

The test results will be available the same day our office recieves the results from the lab. The doctor will contact you to discuss any treament options or answer any further questions.

Can I pay with insurance?

Yes, you can pay for a lab test with your insurance. Just select the insurance option, pay our virtual visit fee and our doctors will order the labs for you.

Which STD lab test should i choose?

If you know the specific sexually transmitted disease you have been exposed to, just select the infection as the option for testing. If unknown, we have a 5 test complete panel that tests for a combination of the most common STDs.

No surprise billing, self-pay patients will have no additional fee at the Lab

For insurance patients check your benefits to ensure coverage.








We only treat our patients when we are able meet medical standard of care. Our providers may determine that it is better for you to seek urgent medical care or in person office visit rather than use our telemedicine platform. As a result, we CANNOT guarantee that we will write you a prescription. If we can’t treat, we will issue you a full refund.

Our medical practitioners prescribe medications to treat the specific medical conditions listed in our services. We treat these diseases based on the pre-emptive diagnoses on our intake form.

We abide by telemedicine regulations set by different states. Depending on your location, you may need to complete a video consultation.